Did You Know Annu Kapoor Didn’t Charge A Penny To Play Veer Savarkar In ‘Kaalapani’ ?

Annu Kapoor portrayed the role of Veer Savarkar in the movie "Kaalapani", but as he is a very nationalist person and the movie was indeed a good work, he didn't charge a single rupee for that movie.

Many of you have been watching Annu Kapoor on TV, daily. Yes, this versatile actor as well as a singer have amazing hosting skills, and he is successfully running a Bollywood music show “The Golden Era with Annu Kapoor” aired on Masti channel. It won’t be exaggerating if one says Annu Kapoor has made Gen Z kids love old Bollywood music. This legend turns 68 today on February 20. Talking about his personality, he is a very selective person when it comes to professional work. All his movies and shows, he has chosen them very keenly. But when it comes to our motherland, he never gave it a second thought. You guess it right. We are talking about his film “Kaalapani”. He said that he is a very nationalist person.

In a Lehren Podcast, this actor talked about his role of Veer Savarkar in the movie “Kaalapani” directed by Priyadarshan. He said, “I am a very passionate person as far as my motherland is concerned.” During the filming of Kaalapani, he visited Cellular Jail at Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He described that experience saying, “It was like going to a pilgrimage.” This actor didn’t charge a single rupee for working in this film. He did it free of cost. He said, “It’s a very personal thing. If I have done free work, then it was my personal decision and I don’t want to glorify it whether I have worked free of charge. There is an idiotic concept, “Punya Kamana”, and whatever he did was also part of a good work. Ahead he explained that it was not just limited to the movie “Kaalapani”, but if anyone else approached him for a good work he would do the same. The only condition he put on was that the work had to be meaningful and worthwhile.

He spoke about his wife Anupama Kapoor, who possesses the same thoughts as him. She is also a nationalist person. After marriage, when the press asked her how she was feeling after getting married to a Punjabi, she replied, “I don’t married a Punjabi, I married an Indian.”Annu Kapoor didn’t limit himself to acting, but he explored the music field too. He became a familiar face for all Indian families after he hosted a TV game show “Antakshari” for almost 10 years. He didn’t learn to sing professionally, but he said that he had listened to many intellectual and versatile singers for a long time and thus no one could cheat him at singing. He said, “Kaan mere surile hai. I know what is good singing.”

The “Vicky Donor” actor is still very active in the industry. He was last seen in the movies, “Dry Day” and “Sab Moh Maaya Hai”.

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