‘Manjummel Boys’ Becomes The Fastest Malayalam Film To Earn 100Cr Globally

Malayalam mystery drama, Manjummel Boys has become the fastest Malayalam film to cross the 100cr mark globally.

The Malayalam survival thriller ‘Manjummel Boys’ stars Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathy, and Jean-Paul Lal in significant roles. Inspired by a true incident from Kodaikanal in 2006, it premiered on February 22. The producers recently revealed that under Chidambaram’s direction, it has become the quickest Malayalam film to surpass the “Rs 100 crore” milestone.

It’s rare for a Malayalam film to achieve the Rs 100 crore milestone at the box office considering the scale of the industry. However, there’s a shift happening. Just two months into 2024, Malayalam cinema has already seen the success of ‘Manjummel Boys,’ which has joined the Rs 100 crore club. The filmmakers revealed that the film reached this milestone on the 13th day since its release.

‘Manjummel Boys’ stands out as one of the remarkable Malayalam films of this year. The film’s creators took to social media on Tuesday, March 5, to share a poster, announcing the delightful news. It has surpassed the Rs 100 crore mark in global box office earnings.

About Malayalam Film “Manjummel Boys”

“Manjummel Boys” portrays a survival drama, depicting the challenges faced by a group of friends from a small town as they strive to rescue one of their comrades trapped in a cave in Kodaikanal.

Derived from a true incident from 2006, the movie unfolds as a survival drama centered on a man trapped within the boundless confines of Guna Caves. A daring rescue mission unfolds as a group of friends endeavors to retrieve their companion from the treacherous depths of Guna Caves, a place from which no one has returned.

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