Malayalam Film Industry Hits BIG: Surpasses 1000 Crore At Box Office For 2024

Malayalam films have been enjoying a remarkable streak at the box office in 2024, accumulating a staggering total of over Rs. 1000 crore thus far.

In 2024, Malayalam cinema has seen remarkable success at the box office, buoyed by widespread audience acclaim. As the year progresses, the industry proudly boasts a total box office earnings surpassing Rs. 1000 crore. Notably, four blockbusters have emerged, including “Manjummel Boys,” “Aadujeevitham,” “Aavesham,” and “Premalu.”

Recent reports from trade experts indicate that the cumulative box office earnings of all Malayalam films released in 2024 have surpassed the Rs. 1000 crore milestone. This marks a significant achievement for the Malayalam film industry, marking the first time it has reached such heights in its history.

As per the box office tracking website Sacnilk, ‘Manjummel Boys’ grossed Rs 240.94 crore, ‘Aadujeevitham’ earned Rs 157.44 crore, and ‘Aavesham’ amassed Rs 153.52 crore.

The success of ‘Guruvayoorambala Nadayil,’ contributing over Rs 30 crore to the total, played a pivotal role in surpassing the billion-rupee mark for the Malayalam film industry. This surge in collections signifies a historic milestone for Malayalam cinema in 2024, doubling its global gross from the previous year.

Malayalam films currently constitute 20 percent of India’s total box office earnings for the year, a substantial share compared to Bollywood’s 38 percent. Notably, five of the top ten highest-grossing Malayalam films of all time were released in 2024, underscoring the industry’s recent achievements.

Meanwhile, Bollywood is grappling to match its performance from the previous year, with only a handful of films crossing the Rs 100 crore mark in 2024. Tollywood and Kollywood are also encountering challenges, with a restricted number of releases making significant strides at the box office.

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