Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Syrian envoy slams Pakistan for supporting Turkish aggression

    The Syrian Ambassador to India slammed Pakistan for backing Turkish aggression but lauded India's stand.


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    Syrian Ambassador to India Riad Kamel Abbas on Monday slammed Pakistan and said any country which backs Turkey supports terror.

    Slamming countries which support Turkey, he said, “Turkey supports terror and all country who support Turkey, support terror.”

    Abbas added that Turkish aggression on Syria has killed many people including foreign journalists.

    He, however, backed India’s position backing Damascus and said: “On behalf of my govt, we welcome the Indian statement on Turkish invasion of Syria. We appreciate Indian position.”

    Abbas also thanked New Delhi for providing medicine and scholarship for Syrian students, adding that that the Indian government is strong and has strong voice in the international community.

    “I met with EAM (S Jaishankar) and discussed the current issue with Syria and we always talk on how to defeat cross border terrorism, we have received assurance and support from India government regarding support in form of medicines, food, all necessary requirements,” Abbas added.

    Several world leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron condemned Turkey for its offensive in Syria, reported news agency Reuters.

    “We have a common desire that this offensive ends,” Emmanuel Macron said alongside Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel. “This offensive risks creating an unsustainable humanitarian situation and to help Islamic State re-emerge in the region.”

    Emmanuel Macron also took to Twitter to convey a stern message on the same.

    “I most firmly condemn the unilateral military offensive that is underway in Syria. I call on Turkey to put an end to it as quickly as possible. Turkey’s action poses a humanitarian risk to millions of people,” Emmanuel Macron said in a tweet.

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