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To Watch Money Heist Season 5, Indian Firm Announces ‘Netflix And Chill Holiday’

An Indian firm has given an off to all its employees on September 3 to watch Money Heist season 5.

After a long wait, Money Heist season 5 is finally releasing on Sep 3. The excitement amongst the fans is at its peak and they want to watch the show as early as possible. Amid all the hype, a firm in India has taken a surprising decision by giving a leave to all its employees on September 3. The company just wants its employees to Netflix and chill on the release date of Money Heist season 5.

The company’s CEO issued a notice to make the announcement about his unusual decision. The official notice of the company named Verve Logic, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan reads, “The management has decided to give a Netflix and chill holiday on 3rd of September 2021 on the release of Money Heist 5. We have taken this initiative not just to save an attack on our emails with false leaves, see mass bunks & numbers being switched off but because we know ‘Sometimes moments of chill be the best pills for energy at your work.”

The letter further reads, “So grab the popcorn, freeze on your couch, and be prepared to wave a final bye to our most loved Professor & the entire cast.”

Thanking the employees for their work during Covid, the CEO wrote, “We would like to thank all our members who have shown an amazing spirit during Work From Home and helped us come out of the hard times beautifully. We know after all the stress and hustle ‘Ek Break to Banta Hai’. Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao.”

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Apart from emailing all the employees, they also posted it on social media. And since then, people on the internet are going crazy. People now wish to be a part of the company.

Well, what do you think about this Netflix and Chill Holiday? And how excited are you about Money Heist Season 5?

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