Lawsuit Against Warner Bros Over Copyright Of Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat

Toy version Sorting Hat's voiceover artist, Marc Silk filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for using his voice line in other toys without permission. 

Amidst the planning for the Harry Potter TV franchise by Warner Brothers and HBO Max, there is a lawsuit filed against Warne Bros. Do you remember that Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter franchise which asked Harry to which house he would like to go? So a lawsuit has been filed against Warner Bros for using Sorting Hat’s voice without permission. 

Voice actor Marc Silk gave voice to the toy version of the Sorting Hat. He opted for a legal procedure against Warner Bros. He told the District Court of California that Warner violated his copyrights by using his voice lines in other Potter-related toys without informing and paying him. 

Even after the complaint, neither Warner nor the company’s representative replied to it immediately. Explaining his complaint, Marc Silk’s lawyer said, “By this lawsuit, Mr. Silk seeks only to receive fair compensation for his contributions to this beloved franchise.” Marc Silk elaborated his side and told the court that in 2021 he got to know about the illegal use of his voice by Warner in theme park attractions and other sorting hat toys because he only permitted Warner Bros to use his voice in original animatronic toys. 

Now, as per the lawsuit, Marc Silk has asked the court for whatever profit Warner got using his voice and official papers for not using his voice without his permission. 

Silk is a voiceover artist by profession. He has given his voice for many TV shows, games including “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace” and “Bob the Builder”.


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