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Emma Chamberlain Gets Criticized For Wearing Maharaja Of Patiala’s Choker At Met Gala 2022

Youtuber Emma Chamberlain was heavily criticised by Social Media users for wearing Maharaja of Patiala's 'stolen' diamond choker.

This year’s theme at the Met Gala was ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ and Youtuber Emma decided to show up according to the theme. Chamberlain wore a corset and a white skirt by Louis Vuitton and paired them with a diamond choker and tiara by Cartier Jewel. Cartier is the largest brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton.

Emma Chamberlain had the intention of becoming the centre of attention at Met Gala 2022. But things went the other way for her after she was heavily criticised by the social media users for wearing Maharaja of Patiala’s ‘stolen’ necklace at the fashion’s biggest event. Back in 1928, the Maharaja had decided to turn the ‘De Beers’ diamond, which is the world’s seventh-largest diamond, into a necklace.

The Maharaja (King) reached out to Cartier to make a necklace and a choker. But the necklace went missing after his son Maharaja Yadavindra Singh wore it in 1948. According to an Instagram handle that is all about Indian History, @the_indian_crusader shared important information about the necklace. The necklace consisted of platinum chains embellished with 2930 diamonds and Burmese rubies and the De Beers diamond was placed at the centre of the necklace.

The caption of the Instagram post reads, “Twenty years after its completion, this amazing item seems to have disappeared. The likely story is that, over time, the more important stones were removed and sold. Eventually, the ‘De Beers’ reappeared and was sold in 1982 for over three million dollars.” In 1948, it was reported that the necklace along with the choker, has gone missing. In 1998, parts of the necklace reappeared in an antique shop with missing gemstones.

Meanwhile, Cartier reportedly retrieved the necklace and replaced it with replicas of missing stones. It is believed that the necklace could be worth at least 30 million dollars today! Although the fact that the necklace has been stolen has not been proven yet, netizens are considering that Emma Chamberlain wearing the necklace was ‘disrespectful.’ Many claimed that Emma wearing the choker was way worse than Kim wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

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