Viral Video: Sanjay Dutt Smoking Cigarette During Interview

"Now it will be unacceptable and considered rude," said a user after seeing Sanjay Dutt smoking a cigarette during an old interview.

In a viral video, Sanjay Dutt can be seen smoking a cigarette during the interview. The video dates back to the year 1993 when he talked about his film Sahibaan. Young and dashing Sanjay was seen in a yellow-colored vest with blue denim jeans and long hair touching his neck. During the interview entire, he was seen holding a cigarette which was pointed out by Internet users. A person wrote, “It was so common for actors to smoke during interviews but now it will be unacceptable and considered rude.”

Someone pointed out, “Agr esa hi interview aj hota aur sanjay k hath mein cigarette hoti toh media ne leni deni kr deni thi”

“He was so good looking, he spoilt his looks not taking care and drinking,” said another user.

Sanjay shared the screen space with Madhuri Dixit and Rishi Kapoor in Sahibaan (1993 film). Talking about Madhuri, Sanjay said, “She is a fantastic actress. A very good-looking woman. And she has done a tremendous job. It’s her film, according to me. She is looking amazing and has done fabulous work.

Watch the viral video:

In many interviews, Sanjay Dutt confessed that he was a chain smoker and even said that he consumed hard drugs. In August 2020, he revealed that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. After timely treatment, he came out of it stronger and announced that he is now cancer-free.

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