Jai Vikraanta Director Sultan Ahmed On Censor Board & Women’s Reservation

Sultan Ahmed clearly stated that the President should give a 50% reservation to women in parliament and then in the censor board.

‘Dharam Kanta’, a film released in 1982, gathered the ensemble cast of Jeetendra, Rajesh Khanna, Wahida Rehman and Raaj Kumar. It was one of the most successful films in the career of director and producer Sultan Ahmed. Today is the 22nd death anniversary of Jai Vikraanta director. Apart from producing and directing the films, he had a keen observation of films, and thus he was one of the members of the censor board. He once said that the censor board removed the dirt from the creative product. 

The Censor board is a body which regulates the exhibition of films in India. When he was asked about the strictness of the censor board by Lehren, he explained the situation of content and discussion that happened in those meetings with the censor board. As he said, if you are making an inane song, filming it in a senseless manner, then the censor will do its duty and will definitely restrict it. Sultan Ahmed was president of the Indian Motion Pictures Producers (IMPPA) during 1994. Prior to that, he served the post of senior vice president there. He had attended all those meetings with the censor board and committees. Sultan Ahmed explained, “Aurato ko shikayat thi ki itane double meaning ke gaane, unake vulgar moments kis liye. Hum ne kaha isliye kyonki aap sab dekhate hain. Jis din public nhi dekhengi uss din log fek denge uthake usako aur who chize rukh jayengi (women had a complaint regarding the double meaning songs and its vulgar picturization and hence they asked why. We told, because all of you watch. The day the public would stop watching it, they would throw out such content).” And thus there were no new rules, but censor started using old rules and regulations effectively. 

He called this move, “definitely good”. Jai Vikraanta director further elaborated that many people watch what we produce. It reflects our culture, and we are bound to our society, and thus he said that the censor board hadn’t made anything strict. “Usane gandagi ko rokha hai (it restricted the dirt),” he added. Sultan Ahmed clearly stated that whatever you are watching you should enjoy it anywhere. If you are not able to enjoy it with your daughter, son, sister, then it’s not something enjoyable. 

He shed some light on the 50% reservation for women on the censor board. Jai Vikraanta director said that the President of India should first commence a 50% reservation in parliament and then in the censor board. But according to him, a 50% reservation in the censor board is not practical. Watch this exclusive interview where producer Sultan Ahmed expressed his opinion about women and the work of the censor board. 

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