Is Shah Rukh Khan Charging Over Rs 100 Crore For ‘Dunki’ After The Massive Success Of ‘Jawan’?

The Close Friend Further Debunked The Rumors By Highlighting Shah Rukh Khan's Professionalism And Integrity

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, continues to soar high with his latest hit film “Jawan,” which is rewriting box office records. As the numbers keep climbing, rumours have circulated regarding SRK’s fee hike following the success of “Jawan” and “Pathaan.” However, the truth behind these claims remains uncertain.

Reports from Siasat suggested that King Khan was initially set to charge Rs 100 crore for his upcoming project, “Dunki.” However, in light of the triumph of “Jawan” and “Pathaan,” speculation has arisen that SRK might increase his fee. It is important to note that no specific figure has been confirmed, and Lehren does not possess official confirmation of any fee hike.

Zoom Entertainment reached out to a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan to clarify the situation. The friend emphasized the implausibility of such a fee increase, stating, “Since you are asking me, I am telling you why and how these reports make no sense. Firstly, no actor in the world goes running to a producer to hike his salary just because his last or last two or three films are successes, and especially when the film is under production. Dunki is almost complete. SRK signed and started the film around the same time as Jawan. On what ground would he ask for more money? Kyonki meri film hit ho gaye mujhe aur paise do?”

The close friend further debunked the rumors by highlighting Shah Rukh Khan’s professionalism and integrity. He stated, “He has never lowered his fee after a flop nor hiked it after a hit. He is way above all this. For Dunki, he has received exactly the remuneration that was agreed on when he signed it, not a penny more or a penny less.”

Thus, despite the incredible success of “Jawan” and “Pathaan,” Shah Rukh Khan’s fee for “Dunki” remains unchanged, reflecting his commitment to professionalism and fairness in the film industry.

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