Hardik Pandya & Natasa Stankovic To Split Their Ways? Here’s The Truth

A Reddit post fueled the rumors of Hardik & Natasa Stankovic's divorce. But Natasa hasn't removed any photos with Hardik from her Insta feed. 

The equation of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2024 changed the image of Hardik Pandya. There were loads of trolls related to his captaincy of Mumbai Indians. And in addition to that, there are rumours about his personal life. There are speculations that he split his way with his wife, Natasa Stankovic. There is no solid proof of the news, but a Reddit post fueled up the news of their separation. 

As per a Reddit user posted, Natasa Stankovic has removed Pandya from her name and also deleted the pictures of her with Hardik. Earlier, Natasa had her Instagram username as ‘Natasa Stankovic Pandya’ but a few days ago the Serbian model removed Pandya from her Instagram account. ‘Natasa and Hardik separated?’ Reddit post read, “This is just a speculation. But both of them aren’t posting each other on stories (Instagram Stories). Earlier, Natasa used to have Natasa Stankovic Pandya on her Ig, but now she completely removed her name. Her birthday was on 4th March, and there was no post from Hardik on that day; she also removed all recent posts of her and Hardik except the one where Agastya was with them. Also, she isn’t seen in stands this IPL or post stories regarding the team. While Krunal and Pankhuri still comment on her posts, but something is definitely off between both of them.”

There is another side to the matter too. Natasa attended a few of MI matches this season, but as MI became the first team to go out from the play-offs, we couldn’t see her during the play-offs. Another reason is Natasa hasn’t been very active during the last few days and that might be the reason she is not posting any stuff regarding Hardik. And the significant thing is Natasa hasn’t deleted any posts of Hardik. There are many photos on her feed with Hardik and son Agastya. There are even many posts of their wedding on her feed. She posted the entire MI squad on her story right before the start of IPL this season. 

None of them gave any clarification over this rumour. This might be just rumours as Hardik, being the vice captain of the Indian cricket team, is now busy in the preparation of T-20 World Cup. 

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