Adil Hussain Again Takes A DIG At Sandeep Reddy Vanga, Says He Won’t Do Animal Even If Given 200Cr

Actor Adil Hussain again took a dig at Sandeep Reddy Vanga and stated that he would never do Animal even if offered 200 crores.

Previously, Adil Hussain and Sandeep Reddy Vanga engaged in a verbal altercation after the actor criticized the film, “Kabir Singh”, stating he was unaware of its toxic elements and regrets being a part of it. In response, Sandeep Reddy Vanga mentioned Hussain earned more compared to the artistic movies he does. Adil chose not to respond further.

During his recent interview with Zoom, Adil was asked about Sandeep’s personal attack on him and the criticism of his art films. In response, he stated, “What do I say to that? I think there are a lot of replies to that comment. If he is more famous than Ang Lee, I don’t know what to say. Very unfortunate that he thinks like that. His film did a lot of box office collection so probably he thinks like that. I don’t know the exact figures of Kabir Singh but Life of Pi did over a billion dollars so I don’t think he can compete with that. He should have thought about it before he said it.”

When asked about his thoughts on Animal and whether he would consider doing the film, Adil vehemently refused, stating, “Never. Even if they paid me ₹ 100-200 crore, I would never do it.”

Previously, Adil Hussain appeared on AP Podcast’s YouTube channel where he discussed his involvement in Kabir Singh and admitted to “regretting” the role. He recounted attending the film’s screening and leaving after just 20 minutes. He described the film as ‘misogynistic’ and mentioned that he wouldn’t even recommend it to his wife.

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