Aditya Narayan’s Controversies: From ‘Abusing The Airport Staff’ To ‘Rash Driving’

From fighting with airport staff and crashing his car in an auto rickshaw, here's the list of times Aditya Narayan landed into controversies.

Singer Aditya Narayan recently grabbed the headlines after a video of him went viral in which the singer was seen hitting a fan from the crowd. The singer went as far as snatching his fans’ phone and throwing it away. This sparked extreme outrage and criticism from the netizens who slammed Aditya Narayan for being too arrogant. From hitting his fan to fighting with the airport crew here’s the list of times when Aditya Narayan landed in controversies and faced extreme criticism from the public.

  1. Fighting With Airport Crew

Back in 2017, Aditya Narayan grabbed the headlines after the singer was seen fighting with a staff member of Indigo Airlines at the airport. Aditya, while traveling from Raipur, had a major argument with one of the airport staff and in a fit of anger, he went on to abuse him, to the point that he threatened the staff. The video of Aditya’s infamous spat went viral where he was telling the airline employee, ‘Teri chaddi nahi utari na, to mera naam Aditya Narayan nahi.’ The footage was apparently shot by a co-passenger.

2. Car Accident

In 2018, Aditya Narayan was booked for crashing into an auto rickshaw. The accident had happened when Aditya was leaving his home at Oshiwara suburb to go to Andheri in his Mercedes Benz car. According to the accounts he gave then, the rickshaw was approaching at high speed from the opposite direction near Lokhandwala Circle. Following the accident, a complaint was lodged against Aditya at Versova Police Station, and he was later sent to the BMC’s RN Cooper Hospital for a blood test. Aditya was charged under Section 337 of the Motor Vehicles Act, fined around Rs 10,000, and granted bail immediately.

Aditya Narayan was arrested in connection with rash driving case injuring two people
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3. Hitting His Fan During Concert

The most recent controversy of the singer is when Aditya recently hit one of his fans during his concert at Rungta College in Bhilai. The video featured Aditya bending down as he hit his fan with his mic and snatched his phone he later threw it away in the crowd and walked away eventually.

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