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7 Bollywood celebrities who turned from rich to poor!

Bollywood is not only known for giving fame but also known for taking that away, and when it does it does very badly. Check these celebs that are now poor and living in very bad conditions.

Everything appears very glamorous and appealing in B-town, but only those who have faced its other side know the wrath of it. It does not take much for a person to fall from riches to rags in this industry. These 7 celebrities are just examples of the same!

Parveen Babi: Known as one of the boldest actresses of the 70’s and 80’s, Parveen Babi was found dead in her flat in 2005. The actress was apparently living alone and was suffering from gangrene in her leg. The body was found two days after her death.

Achala Sachdev: B-town’s favorite grandmother was abandoned by her son and daughter till her last breath. When the lady died, she was all alone and had no one by her side. While her son was in the US, her daughter too didn’t turn up in spite of staying in Pune only.

A K Hangal: There was a definitely a lot of ‘Shameful Sanata’ in Bollywood when this man died. A.K Hangal who is remembered as Imam Saheb from Sholay died a very painful death as he could not afford the treatment which would cost him around 20 lakhs, finally it was Amitabh Bachchan who came ahead and gave the money.

Raj Kiran: He was one of the most handsome faces in Bollywood. The actor has been suffering in a mental Asylum since past 10 years. He also did not have anyone to take care of him. How did the actor reach there, still remains a mystery!

Mandakini: Best known for her very bold role in ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, this actress is also not doing so well in her life right now. After her sudden disappearance and failed attempts at Music videos, Mandakini is now running a Yoga Class with her husband for her living!

Mitali Sharma: Not many are able to make it big in their career, and sometimes, this ‘glamour industry’ even takes away the little bit of what you have! Something similar happened with Mitali Sharma. The Bhojpuri actress turned into a beggar and was seen roaming the streets.

Vimi: This beautiful actress was kept in the general ward of Nanavati Hospital during her last days, not only this, she was cremated on the channawaala’s thela.

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