When Jackie Shroff Completed His Acting Course After Modelling Career

Jackie Shroff has had an inspiring career in Bollywood. His rags to riches story still become a motivating factor for many aspiring actors to date. Jackie quit his schooling after 11th standard as his family didn’t have enough money to pay his school fees. Jackie then took small jobs like apprentice chef, travel agent, etc. An advertising agency accountant spotted him at the bus stand and asked him if he would be interested in modeling. This was his first step into the glamour industry. Fate then carved a path for him in Hindi films. Jackie didn’t know even the basics of acting. While on one hand, he signed a film, he also enrolled himself in an acting course with Asha Chandra. In an interview with Lehren, he talked about the importance of acting schools and how he learned the basic things about acting from Asha Chandra’s acting school.