‘Gadar 2’ Twitter Review: ‘A Heavily Backdated Movie With A 90s Feel,’ A User Wrote; Here’s What KRK Said

The Movie Is A Sequel To The 2001 Blockbuster. Fans Are Excited To See Sunny Deol Reprising His Role As Tara Singh, With Ameesha Patel Also Charming As Sakina

The much-awaited ‘Gadar 2,’ starring Sunny Deol, has hit the screens today. The advance booking for the film was enormous, with around 2.7 lakh tickets sold at national chains. However, netizens are now sharing their reviews.

One user wrote, ‘Watched #Gadar2 on the first day, and I must say the film is rather boring and not on par with the first part. Some scenes are quite dull and uninteresting. They should have invested more to make this movie better. A waste of money.’

Another review stated, ‘Gadar 2 is another lackluster sequel in Bollywood, similar to Hero Panti 2, Dabangg 3, and Race 3.’

A third user commented, ‘A heavily backdated movie with a 90s feel. Action, emotion, and performances are all out of touch. 1* This movie is a joke. An absolute joke. The launch of #UtkarshSharma failed once again. Sunny Deol’s scenes are very limited, the visuals are terrible, but the dialogues are good.’

However, the self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan took to his Twitter account and shared, ‘I’ve been saying for the last 3 months that @Anilsharma_dir is a director stuck in the 90s, so he can’t make a good film now. People won’t be able to tolerate this film even on day 1, and it’s a sure-shot disaster!’

Although some find the movie underwhelming, there are fans who have loved it and are calling it a blockbuster. The movie is a sequel to the 2001 blockbuster. Fans are excited to see Sunny Deol reprising his role as Tara Singh, with Ameesha Patel also charming as Sakina. The film marks the return of Utkarsh Sharma, the son of Anil Sharma, who is also the director of the movie. ‘Gadar 2’ is creating a sensation in North India.”

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