Sunday, September 20, 2020


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    Virgin Woman Diaries | Season 02

    Virgin Woman Diaries - Season 02 is back again with double fun. Presented by KamaSutra, through this web series, Kabir addresses the issue of how society judges...

    Say It With Kabira | Season 01

    Carrying a very out-of-the-box concept, “Say It With Kabira” is going to be a breather from the contrived Saas-Bahu weepathons and negative stress inducing stories that we...

    Adhaar Cafe | Comedy Show

    All characters and events in this show may be puppets for the creator's moronic socio-economic views. But it's still ok to laugh at the show- we won't...

    Virgin Woman Diaries | Season 01

    Virgin Woman Diaries, after "Married Women Diaries", actor-director Kabir Sadanand has come up with another web series titled Virgin Woman Diaries presented by KamaSutra. Through this web...

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