Sunday, October 18, 2020


    Vidya 10th January 2020


    Vidya Scores Highest In Exam

    Vivek announces our school is on 7th place in this state, Vidya scored highest in English subject.

    Vivek Puts His Life In Danger For Vidya

    Vivek pushes people and runs into fire to save Vidya.

    Vidya Confesses Her Love For Vivek

    Vidya never counter questions Vivek and that is because she has fallen in love with him.

    Vivek Doesn’t Like Vidya’s Teaching Method

    Vidya teaches the studens in an entertaining way. Vivek yells enough, and tells her to stop this drama.

    Is Vivek Secretly in Love With Vidya?

    Vidya is injured, Vivek helps her by giving her first aid kit.

    Ranjana Points Gun At Vidya

    Vidya is innocent, Ranjana is the real culprit and wants to take the revenge.

    Vivek Comes In To Rescue Vidya To Prove Her Innocence

    Vidya is clueless, does not know how she will prove herself innocent, Vivek to rescue her, and builds her self-confidence.

    Find Out How Vidya Will Prove Her Innocence

    Every mother becomes a wounded tigress when her child is in problem, Vidya will also prove her innocence.

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