Bypass Road


U/A Movie 02 Hours 17 Minutes English 2019

Drama, Thriller

Star Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Adah Sharma and Gul Panag

Directors: Naman Nitin Mukesh

Producer: Madan Paliwal and Neil Nitin Mukesh

In Theaters: 8 November 2019

"Hits Many Potholes"- A few more jolts and edge-of-the-seat scream moments would’ve helped the thriller

7th November 2019 | 07:12 AM (IST)

Two tragic incidents in one night. Celebrity fashion designer Vikram Kapoor’s car crashes and he emerges from it in a wheelchair. The very same night, super model Sarah Baraganza has committed suicide.

Who wanted both of them dead? And what’s the connection between the twin incidents? First time director Naman Nitin Mukesh confidently sets out to make an interesting thriller. Red herrings and culprits are introduced layer by layer. Like Sarah’s fiancé Jimmy. Vikram also has an openly rancorous relationship with his young stepmother. Does she have a paramour that her husband doesn’t know about? And isn’t it obvious why she’d want Vikram out of the way?

As Naman swings between going forth with the mystery and shooting back to the past to build up Vikram’s debonair life, some ugly business with rival Narang also crops up and seeps into the present.

Two factors work in its favour. Naman Nitin Mukesh is sure-footed and shoots his frames with style. He also manages to tell his story without confusion despite the flashbacks.

Father Nitin Mukesh’s chartbuster ‘So gaya ye jahaan’ is remixed rather neatly.

As the main pivot, Neil Nitin Mukesh holds Vikram Kapoor and the thriller on his shoulders with a performance that is tailored to his image.

However, the supporting cast isn’t strong enough with Adah Sharma wide-eyed and only a prop as Vikram Kapoor’s girlfriend Radhika. Gul Panag as his stepmother seems to wonder what exactly she’s doing around here.

Although this is a promising first time effort by Naman, the main pothole is the writing. Tropes like a lonely bungalow and a man-in-a-wheelchair facing a masked killer don’t bring on the chills. A few more jolts and edge-of-the-seat scream moments would’ve helped the thriller. There’s also no passion in Neil’s romance with Radhika, thereby losing out on an emotional connect at any level. Neil’s character needed to be better defined too.

Apart from the general feeling that you’ve seen it all before, it’s not a good idea to reveal the real culprit by introducing basic facts that were never shared with the viewer. And a viewing time of 137 minutes is at least 15 minutes too long.

For a thriller that doesn’t quite keep the intrigue going, Bypass Road gets a 2* rating.

Direction: 3/5

Story: 2.5/5

Screenplay: 2/5

Dialogues: 2/5

Music: 2.5/5

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