“Main Apne Kutte Ka Naam Bhi Aamir Na Rakhun”, Faisal Khan’s Explosive & Old Interview (2008)

Bollywood siblings Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan share a bitter relationship. Faisal has several times opened up about the difficulties he faced because of Aamir. In 2007, Faisal went missing for two days after lodging a complaint against Aamir accusing the superstar of keeping him under house arrest as he believed that Faisal was mentally ill. Later, Faisal came out in the media and made serious allegations against Aamir.

He revealed that Aamir would deprive him of money sent by their father and even tried to sabotage his career. During an interview in 2008, Faisal also commented on the rivalry between Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Mentioning how Aamir named his dog ‘Shah Rukh’, Faisal said that he would never name his dog ‘Aamir’ because dogs are loyal, sensitive, and intelligent and stated that Aamir doesn’t possess any of these qualities.