South Korean Actor Yoo Ah In Allegedly Abused The Fifth Drug, Zolpidem

South Korean actor Yoo Ah In recently faced controversy after being accused of abusing Zolpidem, the fifth drug found in his system. 

Yoo Ah In is a popular South Korean personality who has played prominent roles in various movies and dramas. However, the actor recently faced controversy after being accused of abusing Zolpidem, the fifth drug found in his system.

And it’s shocking as this is not the first Yoo Ah has been accused of drug abuse as he found drug cases like propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine, and even he injected propofol 73 times in one year. On April 11, police announced that the actor s now under investigation for allegedly abusing the insomnia medication Zolpidem.

The Goodbye Earth actor has nowadays admitted to some allegations, stating he has abused marijuana. But he insists that ketamine and propofol were used for treatment, and he denies ever having used cocaine.

Yoo Ah In was recently charged with abusing the sleep medication Zolpidem. Due to its addictive qualities, zolpidem is only ever administered to patients in doses of 10 mg per day. Even though the actor’s Zolpidem test results from February were negative, his prescription records purportedly suggest he overused the medication. Officers have now conducted raids at healthcare establishments where Yoo Ah In has been given the medication.

Yoo Ah In’s drug scandals have generated controversy in the South Korean entertainment sector. Notwithstanding his denial of the most recent accusations, the discovery of a fifth substance in his system raises questions about his conduct. Drug usage is prohibited in South Korea and can lead to severe legal and professional repercussions. The thing is, this dispute may impact Yoo Ah In’s reputation and career.

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