The Liver Doc Apologizes to Samantha Ruth Prabhu: ‘I Apologize If She Felt Uneasy..’

TheLiverDoc apologized to Samantha but criticized her doctors as "businessmen" whose practices have been questioned by health boards..

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s recent comments on using hydrogen peroxide nebulization ignited controversy online. Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips criticized her, labeling her “health illiterate.” Samantha responded, urging him to use respectful language and expressing disappointment, especially regarding his suggestion that she should be imprisoned.

In a statement, TheLiverDoc apologized to Samantha and redirected criticism towards her doctors, describing them as “businessmen” whose professional standards have been scrutinized by health authorities. With nearly a decade of medical experience, TheLiverDoc dismissed Samantha’s doctors, Mitra Basu Chillar and Dr. Jockers, as unfit for serious discussion in medical practice.

In his post he mentioned, “I understand and empathize with Samantha’s health condition and I wish her the very best. I apologize if she felt uneasy or bad the way the message was conveyed. That was unintentional. My aim was her to leave behind medical misinformation peddling “doctors” who are using her vulnerability, and catering to her anecdotal experiences, for their gain. I sincerely suggest that patients with chronic illnesses, please continue with evidence-based medical practices to remain inside a safety net and sanctuary.”

Previously, the doctor advocated for severe consequences for Samantha, proposing legal action due to concerns about public health risks. He even called out Samantha for playing the ‘victim card’ tagging her as a “serial offender”. He highlighted the importance of Samantha seeking improved guidance or support within her team.

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