South Choreographer Chaitanya Commits Suicide After Sharing Emotional Video

Popular Telugu choreographer Chaitanya who appeared in the dance show "Dhee" passed away on 30th April after committing suicide.

Telugu choreographer Chaitanya who appeared in the famous Telugu dance show “Dhee” has allegedly passed away after coming suicide on 30th April. Chaitanya also shared an emotional video message before he passed away.

As per the reports, it is believed that the choreographer was forced to commit the act due to his current financial situation. Reportedly Chaitanya had taken loans and wasn’t financially able to repay his loans due to the same he took extreme steps.

The video message recorded by Chaitanya is now going viral on social media. A fan shared the video in which the choreographer was seen apologizing to his family, friends, and everyone else. Chaitanya said, “My mom, dad, and sister took good care of me and ensured I didn’t face any problems. My sincere apologies to all my friends. I bothered many people, and my apologies to all.”

Talking about his loans he added, “I lost my goodness regarding money matters. Not just taking loans, but one should have the capacity to repay them. But I couldn’t do it. Currently, I am in Nellore, and this is my last day. I cannot bear the problems associated with my loans.”

Reacting to the news many fans shared their reactions on social media, a user tweeted, “This is such shocking news. Can’t believe he would take such a drastic step”. Another user wrote, “This is unexpected #Chaitanya master, Suicide isn’t a solution,u are such a talented soul yet couldn’t understand how u could do this. It needs lot of guts to commit suicide,u could’ve used that courage to solve your problems,”

For the unversed, Chaitanya rose to fame after he appeared in the Telugu dance show “Dhee”. As per the reports, the choreographer was in his 30s when he committed suicide due to financial issues.

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