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Pushpa: The Rise- Storyline, Ending & What To Expect In Part 2?

With the success of Pushpa: The Rise, fans are anticipating for much more action and plot twists in the second instalment of the film.

Pushpa: The Rise that features Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna in the main leads, is a Telugu language film directed by Sukumar. The plot of the movie revolves around a laborer, Pushpa, a truck driver who rises in power to become a red sanders smuggler. Pushpa is the name of the male protagonist, who’s fearless and has a desire for ultimate power and wants to access control over everything. 


In his early years, Pushpa worked as a labourer. Despite the fact that Pushpa worked as a mill labourer, he did not believe in paying respect to the mill owner for providing him with a fair paycheck. He didn’t labour for the sake of respect; he worked for the sake of money. As a result, the movie establishes his boldness from the very beginning. People around him knew he was going to make it big in life, so he joined Kesava in the hopes of making some additional money. 

While his mother is a widower, Pushpa had been denied of his father’s name since his childhood, as he’s born out of a wedlock, hence he goes by the name Pushpa Raj, a man without surname. 

Being extremely connected to his mother, Pushpa was very fond of her for all the struggles she had to do to raise him. 

How did Pushpa become the head of the syndicate? 

One day Pushpa decides to join a group of coolies in order to earn a livelihood, who were responsible for providing the red sanders that were illegally transported from Seshachalam Hills in Andhra Pradesh. When the hardheaded DSP Govindappa tries to bust this illegal activity, Pushpa uses his wit and intelligence and wins Reddy brothers’ trust. Pushpa comes up with a brilliant plan as he hides the red sander beneath a portion that carries milk; deceiving the police into thinking as if the truck is carrying only the milk. With the success of his plan, Pushpa earns the trust of Reddy brothers thus becoming a shareholder of their business, making way to prosperity and success in his life. 

Later at a party, Pushpa realises that Mangalam Srinu, Manager and Dealer of the Red Sanders Syndicate, was cheating Reddy brother by paying them a lot less than the cut that he received for each ton. When Pushpa asks Srinu to increase their cut, he refuses to do so, which in turn motivates Pushpa to sell the supply directly to Chennai. He makes an agreement with Reddy brothers to receive 50 percent of the shares as he sells supplies worth 1.5 crores in Chennai. This move sparks anger in Srinu and he declares an attack on the Reddy brothers. Although Konda Reddy is shot, Jakka Reddy survives, thanks to Pushpa. An infuriated Pushpa later retaliates to this by shooting Srinu’s brother in law, thereby seeking justice for the Reddy brothers. All this creates a sense of distrust among the syndicate members. 

This is when MP Bhumireddy Naidu decides to kick in, in order to stabilise the situation. When all the members gather at Konda Reddy’s funeral, Pushpa shares their woes to the MP and assures him that he’d provide more cuts to the MP if he was made the Manager of the syndicate. It was then when Pushpa was declared as the new manager of the Red Sanders Syndicate. 

Pushpa and Srivalli’s Love Story

 Pushpa always had an eye on Srivalli but she’s unaware of the interest he had for her. When Srivalli couldn’t take any hints, Kesava decides to kick in to stir their romance. It was when Srivalli and her friends decide to watch a Chrinajeevi movie, they realise they’re short of money to buy the tickets. Kesava agreed to pay for their tickets but under the condition that Srivalli makes eye contact with Pushpa and gives him a smile. Although Srivalli tells him that it was only for the movie tickets, the two fall in love eventually and both their families decide to get them married. When the two families finally meet, they furiously call off their wedding after learning about Pushpa’s real identity and that he’s an illegal son, born out of a wedlock. 

But the two reunite when Jaali Reddy, youngest of the Reddy brothers, a womaniser, catches hold of Srivalli’s father for treason and reveals that he’d only free him if Srivalli sleeps with him. It is then that Srivalli seeks Pushpa’s help and confesses her true love for him. Pushpa, in turn breaks the bones of Jaali, which makes him unable to walk for six months. Although Pushpa is successful in freeing Srivalli’s father, this entire situation births a new animosity between Jaali Reddy and Pushpa. 

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What happens at the end? Who’s Banwar Singh Shekhawat? 

Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat enters Pushpa’s life, when his professional and personal life is at full swing. Shekhawat, a new SP, is a tough nut to crack. When Pushpa invites him to his wedding, he shows up there but instead handcuffs him and insults him for being born out of a wedlock. It’s pretty clear Shekhawat wants to exercise full control over Pushpa. 

When Pushpa addresses him as ‘Sir’, he finally decides to let go of him but under the condition that he’d be given utmost respect and regular flow of money from the syndicate. It’s weird to see Pushpa accepting all his orders and paying him all the respect, as it’s very unusual of Pushpa to behave like that. But it’s later discovered when Pushpa invites Shekhawat for a drink to celebrate his wedding day. After joining, Pushpa turns the table around when he deceives the SP and shoots himself in the hand, and at gunpoint, asks the SP to undress himself as he does the same, to make him realise that without his Police uniform, he’s worthless and no one will recognise him and even without any clothes, Pushpa shall receive the same amount of respect. It is clear by now that Pushpa had avenged the SP for insulting him at their first encounter by digging into his family history. 

With no choice left, Shekhawat leaves for his house with barely any clothes on him. Upon reaching, his dog refuses to recognise him without his uniform, reminding him of what Pushpa had said. A furious Shekhawat shoots his dog dead while Pushpa leaves for his wedding. 

What to expect in Pushpa 2?

Needless to mention, the second part of the movie is declared right at the end of the movie, one can expect SP Shekhawat to seek revenge for his embarrassment while we can also expect Jaali Reddy plotting plans to destroy Pushpa. Along with them, Srinu is also expected to be waiting for the right time to attack Pushpa for snatching his business and killing his men. Overall, one can expect the second part to be more thrilling and action packed while it’s only worthwhile to wait and see what Pushpa 2 has to unfold! 

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