Check Out The Meaning Of Oo Antava Lyrics!

Read the meaning of popular Telugu song 'Oo Antava' starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Allu Arjun.

Oo Antava song from Telugu film Pushpa: The Rise is making everyone groove these days. The popular item song features Samantha Ruth Prabhu in a sizzling avatar as she shakes a leg with rowdy Allu Arjun. The song is trending on several audio platforms and social media as well. While people are absolutely loving its trippy beats, do you know what the lyrics mean?

Check out the meaning of Oo Atvana song:

Koka Koka Koka Kadithe Kora Koramantu Choostharu

They kill me with their looks if I wear a saree.

Potti Potti Gowney Vesthey Patti Patti Choostharu

They scan me with their eyes if I wear a skirt.

Koka Kadu Gownu Kadu Kattulona Yemundhi

Neither the Saree nor the skirt, it is not in the dressing which matters.

Mee Kallallone Antha Undhi Mee Maga Buddhe Vankara Buddhi

It is all in your eyes. Men’s thinking is a twisted one.

Oo Antava Mava, Oo Oo Antava Maava Hey,

Will You Agree With This? Men! Are You Agree With This! 

Tella Tellaaguntey Okadu, Thallaakindhulowthaadu 

If we’re fair in complexion, One just goes upside down for us

Nalla Nallaaguntey Okadu, Allaarallari Chesthaadu

If we’re dark in complexion, We get teased around.

Telupu Nalupu Kaadhu, Meeku Rangutho Paniyemundhee 

Neither the fairness nor the darkness, Colour doesn’t matter to you

Sandhu Dhorikindhante Saalu, Mee Maga Buddhey Vankara Buddhee

Men If you get a chance, Men’s thinking is a distorted one.

Hey! Boddhu Boddhu Gunte Okadu, Muddhugunnaavantaadu 

If we’re chubby enough, one comments telling we’re cute 

Sannaa Sannagunte Okadu, Saradaapadi Pothuntaadu

If we’re lean, one feels crazy about us.

Boddhu Kaadhu Sannam Kaadhu, Ompu Sompu Kaadandi 

Neither the chubbiness nor the leanness, It is not about the physique 

Ontiga Sikkaamante Saalu, Mee Maga Buddhey Vankara Buddhee

If asked to meet alone, Men’s thinking is a twisted one.

Pedda Peddaa Manishilaaga, Okadu Phojulu Kodathaadu 

One just shows off as if a great man, 

Manchi Manchi Manasundantu, Okadu Neethulu Sebuthaadu

Some just speak about moral values like good men

Manchi Kaadhu Seddaa Kaadhu, Anthaa Okate Jaathandi 

All of you come under one 

Deepaalanni Aarpeshaaka Uu Uu Uu Uu

When the lights go off

Deepaalanni Aarpesakaa Andari Buddhi Vankara Buddhey

When the lights go off, Everyone’s thinking is a twisted one.

This song is sung by Indravathi Chauhan and the lyrics were penned by Chandrabose.

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