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EXCLUSIVE: Nepotism In South Exists Or Not? – Kabir Duhan Singh Answers

Kabir Duhan Singh, known for playing villainous roles in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil films, reveals if he had to face nepotism in the south industry.

Kabir Duhan Singh is known for playing villainous roles in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada movies. He originally hails from Haryana and started his career as a model. Recalling his days of struggle, he said, “I used to send my portfolio to casting directors. I used to call them. But nothing was happening. But in July 2014, I got a call. They said that they loved my pictures and they wanted me as lead villain in Jil (my debut film). They booked my tickets and called me to Hyderabad. They did my look test and I was selected. My first film ‘Jil’ made me. When the film was released, I signed 11 more films within 7 days. I was nominated for Best Villain in 2015 in IIFA.”

We asked Kabir if he had to face any sort of nepotism while making his mark in the south industry. He said, “For me, nepotism does not exist.”

He, who hails from Haryana, is an outsider and has done over 40 films in 5 years. He said, “It’s not like outsiders don’t get work in the industry. My grandmother once said that for people who do hard work, God supports them. It’s just that good things take time. It’s not like I wasn’t receiving calls from Bollywood. In the last 3-4 years, I have been offered some good projects in Bollywood. It’s just that I was waiting for the right call, the right script and the right director that will push my career.”

Kabir Duhan Singh made his Bollywood and digital debut with Ramyug web series in which he played Raavan. He said, “I gave an audition for that film and I have given an audition for Ramyug as well. And there are many good casting directors who provide good opportunities to outsiders. One just has to focus and never give up on dreams. We have an example of Nawazuddin Siddiqui who struggled for 20 years by doing small roles and see, where he is now.”

“Many people who come from outside don’t know where they fit well. They don’t know if they want to do TV, music videos, films or comedy. But I always knew where I would fit. So, I worked in that direction only. In South, there is no nepotism. Whatever is in my fate, I will get it. If I am good, people will love me,” he elaborated.

Talking about how he picks his films, Kabir said, “I go with my gut feeling. I see what’s good for my career and if I think that it won’t benefit my career, I don’t do it, no matter how big the film is. And I go for content. I don’t see if it is Rs 2 crore film or Rs 50 cr film. If the content of the small film is good, I’ll do that instead of the big film. Because we have seen Rs 100 cr films failing and Rs 2 cr films earning Rs 20 cr. I am very much happy with my career. At the age of 33, I have done 42 films.”

Kabir added that it is very important for a person to stay grounded. He stated, “I never forget from where I started. My parents have said that no matter how many films I do, I shouldn’t let success get into my head. I always say ‘Saavdhaani hati to durghantna ghati. So, ye Bollywood ki line chaka chaund ki hai. Here you have to focus and you have to keep working hard.”

Kabir will be next seen in Kannada movie ‘Kabza’. It also features Kiccha Sudeep, Prakash Raj and Upendra.

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