After Liver Doc, Now Jwala Gutta Criticizes Samantha Ruth Prabhu For Her Health Advice

After The Liver Doc, badminton player, Jwala Gutta indirectly criticized Samantha Ruth Prabhu on social media for promoting Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulisation.

After Liver Doc, Badminton player Jwala Gutta indirectly criticized Samantha Ruth Prabhu on social media for promoting alternative medical treatments like Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulisation. Without naming Samantha directly, Jwala raised concerns about potential risks and urged both the actress and medical professionals to consider the implications of their advice.

Jwala expressed on her ‘X’ account (formerly Twitter), “My only question to the celeb who’s prescribing a medicine to the huge number of people who are following her… I ustand the intention is to help….. But… just in case..just in case the prescription doesn’t help and causes a fatality…will u be taking the RESPONSIBILITY too????? Will the doctor who you have tagged also take the RESPONSIBILITY??”

Reacting to her post, a huge segment of netizens agreed with the badminton player and questioned Samantha over her health advice. A user commented, “If something goes wrong for them, they can afford the bestest treatment. Who knows even Govt would also come forward to help them. But WE WILL DIE HELPLESSLY. That’s it.”

One tweeted, “Correct! Spreading pseudoscience is dangerous regardless of the good intentions.”, another user tweeted, “You can name her Samantha right? Well, she is under the law anyway If anything happens then the doctor will only be responsible Since the doctor is only government approved one the actress is only following the doctor guide”.

For the unversed, previously, Samantha took to her Instagram stories and wrote, “Before taking medication for a common viral, consider trying an alternative approach. One option is to nebulize with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Works like magic. Avoid unnecessary use of (tablet emoji).”

Following her post, numerous actors and directors engaged in debates and voiced their perspectives on the matter. Subsequently, the actress clarified her statement, emphasizing that she had consulted highly qualified professionals and conducted thorough research. She also mentioned that she was advocating for cost-effective alternatives to address the medical issue.

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