Adivi Sesh’s Big Reaction On Competing With SRK’s Pathaan

Telugu star Adivi Sesh reveals how his upcoming spy thriller "Goodachari 2" will be different from Shahrukh Khan's "Pathaan" and other Bollywood films.

Adivi Sesh announced his upcoming spy thriller Telugu film Goodachari 2 or G2 during a grand event held in Mumbai today. It is a sequel to his 2018 hit film Goodachari. During the event, Adivi was asked how his film will be different from Bollywood spy films like Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan and Salman Khan’s Tiger 3.

Adivi said, “I think there are two kinds of spy films in Hindi cinema. One is realistic types, like Raazi. The other ones are commercial films like Pathaan, War etc. I think my G series is something else. I would say, it is a decorated reality. I mean, it is realistic, but very decorated. And it is very edgy. I would say that the standard of it is not making it more commercial. The standard is to make it more cooler. No matter if you walk normally or in slow motion, the way you are captured is called style. Our series is not song and dance kind of series! It is very edgy and cool series. But it is very realistic. It is rooted in India.”

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