Actor Chandrakanth Dies By ‘Suicide’, Days After Co-Star Pavitra Jayaram’s Death

Telugu actor Chandrakanth was found dead at his residence, mere days following the passing of his co-star and partner, Pavitra Jayaram.

Telugu television actor Chandrakanth was discovered dead at his home in Alkapur, located in Rangareddy District, Telangana. This tragic event occurred shortly after the passing of his ‘Trinayani’ co-star, Pavitra Jayaram, in an accident.

Reports indicate that actor Chandrakanth was discovered hanging at his residence in Alkapur. This is the very house where he and Pavitra Jayaram resided together. Chandrakanth was also involved in the accident that tragically took Pavitra’s life, and her passing deeply impacted him.

According to a statement given by Chandrakanth’s father to the police, the actor had been experiencing depression for the past few days. He was deeply grieving the loss of Pavithra and had expressed his emotions through heartfelt tributes dedicated to his co-star from “Trinayani.”

Just a few days prior to this tragic incident, the actor had posted an emotional message about her on his Instagram that read, “Naannnaa … pls hey wait for just 2days ra..”.

In an interview, Chandrakanth had disclosed their intention to formalize their relationship in the near future. Pavitra Jayaram tragically lost her life in a road accident on Sunday, May 12, in Hyderabad. According to IANS, her car was hit by a bus. At the time of the accident, she was accompanied by her sister, Apeksha, driver Srikant, and Chandrakanth.

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