When Silk Smitha’s Half-Eaten Apple Auctioned For Whopping Rs 1 Lakh

Born As Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati In A Telugu Family, Silk Smitha Adopted Her Screen Name And Achieved Immense Fame

Silk Smitha was a well-known figure in the South Indian film industry, and her life even served as the inspiration for the Bollywood film ‘The Dirty Picture,’ starring Vidya Balan. During her era, Silk Smitha was considered a sex symbol in the movies, often portraying sensuous roles that left a lasting impact on the industry. Her journey to success was marked by hard work and determination, and while ‘The Dirty Picture’ showcased many aspects of her life, there are still some lesser-known incidents worth exploring.

According to Behind Talkies, a half-eaten apple that belonged to Silk Smitha was auctioned for a staggering sum of Rs 1 lakh. The incident occurred while Silk was on the set of a film. During a break, the renowned actress took a bite of an apple. However, when she was called back for a shot, she placed the apple aside and proceeded with her work. It was during this time that an individual present on the set noticed the half-eaten apple and decided to make it his own.

Famous photographer Stills Ravi, who captured this moment, recounted, “Silk had taken a bite of an apple during a shoot. She set it aside, and someone took the apple without her knowledge and auctioned it for up to 1 lakh rupees.”

Born as Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati in a Telugu family, Silk Smitha adopted her screen name and achieved immense fame for her portrayal of the character Silk in her debut movie, ‘Vandichakkaram.’ She received critical acclaim for her performance in ‘Moondram Pirai,’ directed by Balu Mahendra, which was later remade in Hindi as ‘Sadma.’ Both films featured Kamal Haasan, Silk Smitha, and Sridevi in pivotal roles, contributing significantly to her legacy in Indian cinema.

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