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Protest against Rajinikanth on filming Man vs Wild in Bandipur

Wildlife evangelists protest against the shooting of a new episode of ' Man vs Wild ' in the ecologically sensitive region of Karnataka's Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Forest

Wildlife activist groups are protesting against the filming of a new episode of the survival TV series ‘ Man vs Wild ‘ in the ecologically sensitive region of Karnataka’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Forest. The survival series ‘ upcoming episode will feature Tamil superstar, Rajinikanth with the host of the show, Bear Grylls.

Rajinikanth and the man vs wild crew are filming in the forest area of Kalkere and Moolehole in Bandipur, one of the largest reserves for tigers and other animals in the world, as their presence not only threatens the animals but has also raised concerns of igniting forest fires that could easily start and spread due to the current dry conditions.

On Tuesday Joseph Hoover, a Bengaluru-based wildlife activist stated “They could have filmed in the monsoons as fires can start and spread very quickly during the summer months.”

The activists ‘ concerns aren’t without reason because Karnataka has lost thousands of acres to forest fires. Recent major ones include the one in 2013, 2017 and 2019 which accounts for about 8000 hectares, according to activists ‘ estimates.

The state has already lost green cover in other parts due to developmental projects that took place in some areas by different departments.

Last year in February, the extremely popular show had released its earlier episode at Jim Corbett Park with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The show aired on 12 August last year, which had been raking in record viewership.

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