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Kamal Hassan Pens Down An Emotional Message After The Tragic “Indian 2” Accident

A 150 feet tall crane crashed on the sets of Kamal Hassan’s “Indian 2” set. Three people have died in the accident. Kamal Hassan sends condolences for the poor souls. Read below.

The Tamil film industry is currently mourning after the accident on the sets on ‘Indian 2’ which claimed the life of three people. The names of the deceased include Sri Krishna (34) assistant director, Chandran (60) set assistant, and Madhu (29) Shankar’s personal assistant.

The tragic accident happened around 9:30 PM last night at the EVP Studios on the outskirts of Chennai. The director of the film Shankar had a lucky escape as a heavy 150 feet crane carrying a huge light crashed onto the tent where he and others were seated with the monitor. Amongst the injured one includes a stunt choreographer whose name is not known yet.

Actor Kamal Hassan who was present on the sets at the time of the accident made sure that the injured are rushed to the hospital immediately and are provided with the best medical care possible. The injured people were rushed to nearby Savitha hospital. Kamal Hassan then shared a heartfelt note on social media in Tamil which translates to, “Even though I have been through several accidents the one that happened now is horrific.  The pain that I go through of losing three of my colleagues is nothing compared to that of their families.  I stand with them as their own and offer my condolences.” 

The veteran actor then added that he has met those people in the hospital and has also spoken to the doctors and with his strong hope, they will recover soon, as he waits for the morning sun to rise and bring a new day.

The tragic incident has raged a storm on Twitter with every netizen sending their condolences and support to the injured and the deceased.

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