South Korean Actress Jung Chae Yull Passes Away At 26

Jung Chae Yull, the star of the K-drama series Zombie Detective, died on Tuesday. However, the cause of her death still remains a mystery.

According to claims by Korean media sites, actress and model Jung Chae Yull, who starred in the popular drama “Zombie Detective,” passed away on April 11 at the age of 26. There is currently no other information available on the cause of her death, other than the fact that she was discovered dead at home. A supporting role for Jung Chae Yull was in the Korean drama “Zombie Detective.” Her management firm, Management S, has not yet made an announcement.

South Korean model and actress Jung Chae Yull. Esteem Entertainment is presently her agent. On the drama ‘Devil’s Runaway’ in 2016, she made her television debut. In the 2018 movie “Deep,” she made her acting debut. With her portrayal of Bae Yoon Mi in the 2020 drama “Zombie Detective,” which she also produced, Jung Chae Yull rose to fame.

The statement also said, “Actress Jung Chae Yull has left our side on April 11, 2023. In accordance with the wishes of the bereaved family who must have been in greater sadness than anyone else, the funeral will be held quietly in private. Please wish for Jung Chae Yull, who had always been earnest in her pursuit of acting, to rest in peace in a warm place.”

The upcoming K-drama “Wedding Impossible,” which is now in production, was supposed to feature Jung Chae Yull. The K-cast and crew were shocked by Jung Chae Yull’s passing. Only two days ago, she posted a photo of herself enjoying, smiling, and being playful in behind-the-scenes videos of her activities on her personal Instagram account.

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