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RRR Trailer Released; Rajamouli’s Directorial Strikes Similarities With This Movie

As the trailer of the much anticipated RRR released earlier today, its uncanny resemblance to the masterpiece ‘Bahubali’ is unmissable.

Rajamouli’s multi starrer Directorial “RRR” ( Roar, Rise, Revolt) theatrical trailer was released today and it has taken the internet by storm. The trailer features stars of the movie Ramcharan, NTR in the lead roles along with Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn and Shriya Sarin playing other vital characters. The 4 minutes trailer itself screams about the movie’s grand success and one thing that can’t be missed is director Rajamouli’s golden touch, which makes it exclusive.

While the plot and the main script of the movie will only be revealed with its 2022 Global release, Rajamouli has yet another time managed to pull the cinematic charisma in RRR, which was quite evidently witnessed in the 2013 blockbuster hit- Bahubali. Seldom do you watch a movie as ethereal as “Bahubali”, but all thanks to Raja sir for spoiling us with back-to-back masterpieces! The trailer indeed caught attention for many reasons, one is that it reminds the viewers of the exact nostalgia of Bahubali. See what similarities we found


The Bahubali director surely knows the pulse of the Indian audience that helps him make blockbusters one after another. Filmmaking is a democratic process and Rajamouli makes the magic happen with his own team of talented technicians. Right from the beginning scene of the RRR trailer, one can see how it enhances the depth and contrasts, and contours with the movie’s storyline, just like Bahubali.


Actors can greatly enhance or weaken the movie based on their performance and suitability of a role. It’s the way that an actor portrays a character is that decides the fate of the film, either the audiences are out or invested in the film. With Ramcharan and NTR effortlessly balancing the friends turned enemies dynamics, Alia adds her own layers to her character. This choice of great cast resembles so much like Bahubali, where each actor played the character like they were born to portray it!


Music director MM Keeravani, who gave life to Bahubali with his enchanting and raunchy tracks is paired again with Rajamouli for RRR. Right from the beginning scene to where the trailer ends, Keeravani’s music helps evoke all sorts of right emotions at the right time, from sentimental tracks to the groovy ‘Naatu’ song.


The classic dialogues of Bahubali still live its legacy up to this date. Great dialogues not just make the movie famous among the masses but also reveal the character and enhance the story. The iconic ‘ Mera vachan hi hai Shasan’ to ‘Mujhe Marne wala paida hi nahi hua Mama’ dialogues from Bahubali made house in people’s hearts, RRR too might come up with several iconic dialogues wine which can be heard in the trailer, ‘apni jung dhoondte hue hathiyaar khud ba khud aayenge’


Rajamouli is known for his heavy VFX projects to keep his cinematic engine running. What viewers experienced in Bahubali can be expected to re-experience again with RRR. Srinivas Mohan who headedthe VFX for Bahubali has also reprised his role as a VFX head for RRR and has delivered undeniable eye-catching visuals.

“RRR” Movie Trailer

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