Lockdown मध्ये उर्मिला कोठारे आणि जिजा सोबत घालवा तुमचा वेळ

Actress Urmila Kothare shared a video of her daughter playing with her tiffin box. Her daughter Jija Kothare can be seen putting on the lids of that tiffin box. It is very adorable to see the little one playing by herself that we fall for her innocence. Urmila is finding many ways to spend time with her little daughter while in the lockdown. As Urmila doesn’t have to go out for shoots, she is taking this time to teach Jija little lessons and play with her. She shares many videos of herself playing with Jija and we can see that they both a very good mother-daughter bond with each other.

3rd May 2020 | 11:04 AM (IST)