Lockdown च्या काळात धनश्री काडगावकर सोबत बनवा भाकरी

In the midst of the nationwide lockdown, Tujhyat Jeev Rangla fame actress Dhanashri Kadgonkar is learning how to make bhakris. She shared a video of herself making bhakris to keep her fans updated about her life during the lockdown. The actress can be seen in her kitchen making the dough and toasting the bhakris. Dhanashri has been active on social media amid the lockdown, she shares video of herself cooking or working out to keep her fans entertained. She even did a quarantine challenge with other Marathi actresses like Abhidnya Bhave and many more. Dhanashri rose to fame because of her role in Tujhyat Jeev Rangla.

13th May 2020 | 04:01 PM (IST)