Lockdown च्या काळात अभिज्ञा भावेने रस्त्यावरील जनावरांची काळजी घेण्यास सांगितले

Actress Abhidnya Bhave asks us to take care of animals on the street. She requests us to feed them as because of the lockdown they can't fetch food for themselves. Her heartfelt request really touches out heart. She says that in during the lockdown if we face any difficulty or feel hungry we can speak for ourselves but what about the ones who can’t. She tells us that the animals on the streets are finding it difficult to find food. She asks us to take all safety precautions and go out to feed them or join any organisation associated to feeding street animals. The country needs unity to help fight the bad days like this.

1st May 2020 | 01:32 PM (IST)