होणार सून मी ह्या घरची फेम पिंट्या म्हणजेच रोहन गुजर Lockdown मध्ये असा घालवत आहे आपला वेळ

Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi fame Pintya means Rohan Gujar is having fun during the lockdown alongside his 9-year old nephews. The actor can be seen playing treasure hunt with his nephews, to keep himself and them entertained while at home. Rohan also has their company while he cooks new dishes. Rohan has been indulged into cooking during the lockdown. Many Marathi celebs are finding ways like cooking, workouts or some other creative routine to keep themselves busy during the lockdown. Rohan Gujar has also featured in Marathi serial titled Devyani and Bollywood movie Laxman Gole. He has also starred in Marathi movie Morya.

9th July 2020 | 06:11 PM (IST)