सोनाली कुलकर्णीने Father's Day च्या निमित्यावर आपल्या वडिलांना केले वंदन

Actress Sonalee Kulkarni recites a poem to wish her father on the occasion of Father’s Day. She pens down a heartfelt poem to pay tribute to her father who always supported her and who will always be her superhero. She says that her father served in the Indian Army, so she was an army kid who studied in an Hindi medium school, so the first poem or letter addressed to her dad was in Hindi. Hence, she decided to put her emotions back in words because she feels that her father would understand her even when she just wrote anything on the papers. She also mentions that how she would wait at the phone booth trying to call her father when he was away from home serving the nation.

15th June 2020 | 09:31 PM (IST)