ललित प्रभाकरने शूट केली एक गमतीदार फिल्म

Actor Lalit Prabhakar along with his friend filmed a comedy film. Lalit’s friend tells him that the lockdown is over and we can see Lalit getting all groomed to get out of the house after 2-months only for his friend to tell him that he is dreaming. The video is everyone’s situation right now and we can relate to it. The Julun Yeti Reshim Gathi actor is currently shooting many such short films at home to keep himself and his fans entertained during the lockdown. The handsome actor enjoys a massive fan following not only because of his looks but also because of his credible acting skills. The actor’s way of entertaining his fans by posting such short-films shot at home is keeping his fans away from lockdown boredom.

16th May 2020 | 01:20 PM (IST)