प्राजक्ता माळी सोबत करा अष्टांग सूर्यनमस्कार

Prajakta Mali is very active on social media and is sharing her quarantine activities with her fans and followers.She is sharing vairous food recipes and cooking delicious dishes. Apart from that she is also sharing certain workout tips and yooga aasans one can try while at home to keep themselves fit an fine. She teaches pranayam we can try at home. She now has shared a video of her simple yet effective yoga routine. This time she is teaching Ashtang Suryanamaskar to her fans and followers. She also shared some tips to body healthy and the benefits of having a yoga as a routine. She also urged people to stay home and practise social distancing while in public.

27th April 2020 | 03:29 PM (IST)