पुष्कर श्रोत्रीने मराठी इंडस्ट्रीला Lockdown नंतर उदंड प्रतिसाद देण्यास केली विनंती

Marathi actor Pushkar Shrotri shared a video requesting people to give immense response to Marathi movies and theatrical dramas once the theatres reopen after the lockdown. He says that it is very uncertain about when the cinema halls and theatres will reopen but many people depend on it and are suffering right now because of the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 scare. He asks people to support the artists and show the same amount of love for their cinemas when the situation goes back to normal. Puskkar Shrotri’s message is emotional yet necessary as many people who work in this industry have lost their jobs during this lockdown stage.

7th May 2020 | 12:21 PM (IST)