पहा Lockdown च्या काळात प्राजक्ता माळी आपला वेळ कसा घालवत आहे

Actress Prajakta Mali is enjoying her lockdown down time with family. In a recently shared video, we can see Prajakta Mali playing with a small girl. Prajakta seems very happy to spend her time with the little girl. Prajkakta alongside her father talk to the little girl who speaks in a very childish yet funny manner. The Julun Yeti Reshim Gaathi fame actress is very active on social media during the lockdown period. She posts video of her workout, cooking and yoga sessions on her social media to keep her fans entertained. She even shares health tips with her fans to help them stay fit while at home.

14th May 2020 | 05:39 PM (IST)