पहा स्नेहलता वसईकर आणि तिची फॅमिली Lockdown मध्ये आपला वेळ कसा घालवत आहेत

Sambhaji fame actress Snehalata Vasaikar is spending quality time at home with her family. To keep themselves entertained while in the lockdown, Snehlata and her family to do sack racing. They laugh and win and lose but have a fun time while at home. She has kept a reward at the finish line for whoever wins the race grabs the reward. It is fun to watch her family compete with each other in a fun manner. The actress gained fame by her role in the Marathi serial Sambhaji. She played the role of Soyrabai in the serial. Her acting was very nice and she was loved by the audience.

5th May 2020 | 05:05 PM (IST)