पहा ललित प्रभाकरने घरच्या-घरी शूट केलेली Horror फिल्म

Actor Lalit Prabhakar has shot a horrot film at home amid the nationwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The short film is full of suspense and keeps us engaged till the end. It is the best way to get rid of the lockdown boredom. Lalti has named this short film ‘Better Alone...?’ Lalit rose to fame because of the Marathi serial ‘Julun Yeti Reshim Gathi’ alongside Prajakta Mali. He has a massive fan following owing to his good looks and credible acting skills. He made his debut in Marathi movies from the movie ‘Chi Va Sau Ka’ in which his character was praised by the audience.

12th May 2020 | 05:39 PM (IST)