तेजस्विनी पंडितने Accept केला एक फन Quarantine चॅलेंज

Actress Tejaswini Pandit accepts a fun quarantine challenge to pass her time amid the lockdown. She ties her cell phone to the ceiling fan and switches on the button and records herself while the fan goes round-and-round. She does say that the challenge is risky and the phone can be damaged in the same. She films herself in the video giving funny expressions. The actress has appeared in Marathi films like Tu Hi Re, Ye Re Ye Re Paise, Deva, Aga Bai Arrecha, Ticha Umbartha and many more. She is known for her credible acting and dancing skills. She never fails to entertain the audience while on the screen.

16th May 2020 | 04:09 PM (IST)