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Rutuja Dharmadhikari Urges People To Help The Poor & Helpless

Rutuja Dharmadhikari shares video urging her fan and followers to help the needy in our society.

Actress Rutuja Dharmadhikari taking to her social media handle shared a video of a poor lady on the streets. In the video, Rutuja asks the lady why is she on the streets and how can she help her. Rutuja Dharmadhikari urges her fans to help the poor.

Rutuja has a heart-to-heart conversation with this lady who explains her everything. The lady says that her daughter left her on the streets.

After hearing the heart wrenching story, Rutuja is moved. She urges her fans and followers to help the poor and the helpless.

The actress also asks her fans to be a kind human being. Rutuja helped that lady by giving her food, clothes, and water.

Speaking of Rutuja Dharmadhikari, she garnered a lot of fame for her role in the Marathi serial Ratris Khel Chale.

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