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Mahesh Kothare Launches His Autobiography, “Damn It Aani Barach Kahi”

Mahesh Kothare, actor and director launches his autobiography Damn It Aani Barack Kahe

The Marathi film industry is one of the pioneers of the film and theatre world. The roots of acting and directing have always been the Marathi industry also the Hindi movie industry. Mahesh Kothare is considered as an inspirational figure in the Marathi film industry. The actor has been working in various Hindi formats for 20 years as well as Marathi films. Known for its technical nuances and fantasy films Mahesh Kothare has set the industry benchmark for both actors and directors. And now he presents the sanctity of his life in the form of an autobiography.

Mahesh Kothare played the fictional character of the inspector Mahesh Jadhav in most of his films and his catchphrase “Damn It!” is popular with Marathi audiences and is also performed frequently known as the “Damn It King” now the legendary actor has written his autobiography, which has already hit the stores.

After a long discussion and thought given by him and his family, also a team, the artist wrote his biography titled Damn Aani Barach Kahi”, which means “Damn and much more”. The book was launched at Shivaji Mandir in Mumbai. Some of the known Marathi industry stars and popular names like Sachin Pilgaokar, Nivedita Joshi-Saraf, Addinath Kothare, and Urmilla Kothare, and many more Hindi and Marathi film stars graced their presence to witness the launch.

DCM Devendra Fadnavis was also invited to the book launch and came especially for Mahesh Kothare being a fan himself probably. 

Mahesh Kothare’s contribution to the films of both the Marathi and Hindi industries is taken as an inspiration by budding actors and actresses. The director and producer has portrayed an interesting experience for his fans and viewers as they get to re-experience his life and journey into making the Marathi film industry a big name through his book “Damn it and much more” as in Marathi is “Damn aani Barach Kahi.

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