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Vikrant Rona: Kiccha Sudeep Opens Up On Pan Indian Film Success

Kiccha Sudeep opens up on comparison with Pan-Indian film success, says "Kannada industry is surviving well for a very long time".

VikrantRona: After blockbuster South films like KGF and RRR, the Kannada film industry is now bringing their fans with yet another film that looks quite promising, Vikrant Rona. The much-anticipated Kannada film ‘Vikrant Rona’ stars Kiccha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez. During the trailer launch of the film Kannada star, Kiccha Sudeep opened up on Pan Indian film success. Check out what he has to say-

On being asked about the commercial success of Pan-India films, the actor said, “There’s commerciality in every state it’s just probably you’re not aware of it, you are getting aware of it now so welcome to our film industry. I just wanted to know that, we watch all the OTT platforms, and if COVID didn’t happen, you would have not been aware of Korean, and Thai shows. It is suddenly we realize other industries are making good stuff. We are not taking comparisons of any sort. So when we say the Telugu industry is coming to Pan India. We are not taking them as a comparison, even in the Telugu industry we have a lot of directors who tell their own stories, and no one is looking into other stories and conning their scripts. So ere Kannada industry has been surviving very long enough to proudly say that we are also here, it’s just that theatrically we never used to have releases they were only through satellite and dubbed, now we are coming theatrically so people are getting aware of all kind of languages in India it’s not just South Indian, I think every other language deserves to have theatrical releases it’s just about their capacities, ideas, and approach.

Kiccha Sudeep further replied on being compared with KGF success and over making 1000cr business, he said, “Sir I’ve seen a man who’s having 1Lakh rupees and is happy and I’ve seen others equally happy. So if 1000cr is what is gonna make a person happy I don’t know maybe I will do 2000 then, but if success is what is gonna make me happy, I think you asking me this question is already making me a very successful man.”

Vikrant Rona stars Kichcha Sudeepa in the lead, along with Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok. The pan-world 3D film will release in five languages – Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi and is also expected to release in Arabic, German, Russian, Mandarin, English, and others. The film is being directed by Anup Bhandari and produced by Jack Manjunath under his production Shalini Arts, and co-produced by Alankar Pandian of Invenio Origins. Vikrant Rona releases in theatres on July 28.

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