Shocking! Pavithra Gowda Watched As Renuka Swamy Was Tortured To Death

New details have emerged in Darshan's case revealing that Pavithra Gowda was present while Renuka Swamy was tortured.

The Renukaswamy murder case has taken another dramatic turn with the revelation that actress Pavithra Gowda was present during Swamy’s torture. This high-profile case, already under intense media scrutiny due to its brutality, now includes the arrest of renowned Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa, further intensifying public interest and shock.

Renukaswamy, a 33-year-old man, was allegedly murdered after reportedly posting obscene messages about Pavithra Gowda, a close friend of actor Darshan. Sources reveal that on June 8, Swamy was kidnapped from his hometown of Chitradurga by several of the accused. He was then transported 200 km to a shed in Bengaluru, where Darshan and Pavithra Gowda joined them.

Disturbing details have emerged, revealing that Pavithra Gowda was present in the shed for a period while Swamy was subjected to beatings with sticks and multiple electric shocks. This involvement suggests that the torture and subsequent murder of Swamy were premeditated, and carried out with the knowledge and presence of these actors, adding a deeply unsettling dimension to the case.

News agency PTI reports that Pavithra Gowda incited Darshan Thoogudeepa to retaliate against Swamy for his social media posts. The autopsy reveals that Swamy died from “shock hemorrhage due to multiple blunt injuries.” Additionally, the report highlights the brutal nature of the assault, noting that Swamy’s testicles were ruptured and one of his ears was missing, underscoring the severe violence inflicted upon him.

Police have arrested 17 people, including Darshan and Pavithra Gowda, in connection with the murder case. Darshan allegedly paid ₹50 lakh to his aides, with ₹30 lakh going to Pradosh alias Pawan for managing the crime. Another ₹5 lakh was meant for families of two men, Raghavendra and Karthik, who were to give false confessions. Under interrogation, the true culprits were revealed. CCTV footage and footwear from the crime scene have been crucial in linking Darshan and Pavithra to the murder.

Pavithra Gowda is in judicial custody, and Darshan’s police custody was extended by two days on Thursday. The investigation is ongoing to uncover more details and bring all involved to justice.

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